Team Georgia TGA 5K To The Meadowlands Video

We were excited to enter the 5k to the Meadowland Video competition for the Transplant Games of America.  As a Team we gathered in May 2021 in person for the first time since early 2020.  We invited our partner Rugby ATL to join us –  3 players and our contact accepted.  There we participated in  one of our TGA flag signings, an organ donation awareness tables, lots of laughter, chatter and then filmed the video. What fun recording a live video with very few “takes”!  We didn’t win the prize but we know we had fun, submitted a great video and are winners – a team of transplant recipients (organ, tissue, and eye), living donors, donor families, transplant professionals, and all our supports living life to the fullest, thankful to our donors, and appreciative of our sponsors. Hope you enjoy our video!

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