Team Georgia Competes

We participate in the Donate Life Transplant Games of America presented by the Transplant Life Foundation, Inc.

This is a celebration of life showing the world we can live health in the world of transplantation/donation.

Check out the website to get excited:

The TGA is a 6-day event where recipient athletes and living donor athletes from all the states come together for an Olympic style event.

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Team Georgia Honors Donor Families

Team Georgia honors Donor Families by recognizing them in public presentations, sending them cards if we know the date of their donation, participating in the Donor Sabbath Weekend Services around the State (sponsored by LifeLink of GA), and attending Donor Remembrance Services.

Team Georgia Promotes Healthy Living

Team Georgia members promote healthy living and sharing with the world that transplantation/donation works daily. Team Georgia members are very involved in the transplant community.

Team Georgia shares healthy living tips based on our personal experiences to those we meet in our transplant family.

Team Georgia Volunteers

We serve as volunteers with Georgia Transplant Foundation, LifeLink of Georgia – (members of the Transplant Advocacy Group (TAG), Donate Life Georgia, Camp Independence, Transplant Center Support Groups, and others.

We participate in National Donate Life Month and Blue/Green Day